Basic 3 inch Hair Bow

SKU: 303

These 3-inch bows are handmade with 7/8 inch grosgrain ribbon and come securely attached to your choice of a partially lined alligator clip, snap clip or fully lined barrette.

Alligator and snap clips come with a no-slip grip, which WILL keep clips in place, even in the finest hair

**Do not leave children unattended or sleeping with these or any other hair accessories, as products may contain small parts that can pose a choking hazard.**

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Excellent quality

Excellent quality! We love our bows from this shop! We had a collection of 2" bows, and now that our daughter is older/bigger, we upgraded to a 3" set of bows! :-) They are all perfect and I love love love the silicone strip on the bows. Stays in her hair so much better! Thanks!!! Chrisia
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