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Hair Bow Ideas for the Perfect Look


A hair bow can make your baby a lot cuter, but, as is with everything else, the final result will be partly down to the choices you make and what you align the bows with. Whether you are getting your girl ready for a mommy-daughter out or a friend’s birthday or a photoshoot, a hair bow could perk up the occasion and make it more memorable for her.

As one of the oldest and most versatile hair accessories for girls and adults alike, bows let you express your personality without going over-the-top with your fashion sense or breaking the bank for it. You can own as many bows as you wish, and have each reserved for a specific event or outfit. But with  hundreds of designs and materials to choose from, what is the best option for your daughter’s hair? How do you ensure you and your girl stand out in your bows?

This article will provide you with trendy ideas for your little princess if you are only dipping your toes into the waters of hair bows.

1. Try Out an Oversized Hair Bow

Most bows are tiny and only cover a small part of the head. Large hair bows are a little unconventional and are worth trying out if you want to give your girl an avant-garde look. Anything spanning more than 6 inches can be considered a large hair bow.

One of the main advantages of going big is that oversized bows are visible and can be matched with a specific piece in your child’s outfit, say, a same-color dress, shoe, or even belt. You also don’t have to worry about where to position it as it will be visible on any part of the head.

A conspicuous large bow may also come in handy if you want to perk up a rather dull outfit.

2. The Pinwheel Bow

Albeit equally cute, pinwheel bows are proving to be a lot less predictable than boutique bows, which is a good thing for variation. Pinwheel bows are fuller and more noticeable and owe their name to their pinwheel shape.

The fact that they are harder to create makes them rarer and, consequently, more desirable than basic bowties. Pinwheels come in different colors and sizes, and it is up to you to choose the option that will form the perfect alignment with your baby’s hair color and outfit. Polka dots make for the most common pinwheel bow pattern.

3. Keep it Simple with Boutique Bows

Boutique bows are chic but criminally underrated for their basicity. If worn right, these bows can serve as statement accessories and give your girl that subtle but exceptionally fashionable look.

If your girl is choosy, boutique bows are the least likely to drive her up the wall. They are also the most suitable option if you are purchasing a bow for a girl or friend whose taste you are not at home with.

4. The Classic Ponytail-Bow Combination

A hair bow resting on a well-done ponytail is one of the oldest and simplest ways to don a bow without exerting yourself. Whether it is you or your daughter wearing it, a bow can make your pony sleeker and more noticeable, and, depending on the color and style you choose, take the attention away from your hairdo. So, if you are not comfortable with your ponytail, a nice bow may help cancel that out and enhance your look.

To do a high ponytail, de-tangle your hair and grab it together to create a pony. Pull it as high up the head as you can and make use of an elastic band to keep it together. Attach the bow clip at the point where the band secures the hair and ensure the band is not visible at all.

5. Tie Bow at the End of a Braid

Whether it is a pair of pigtails, a fishtail, or a three-strand that you want to give a bit of a zing, a bow can fit in without compromising the design. Tying a bow at the bottom of a braid enhances the dull end of the braid and brings forth contrast.

An oversized bow would do it for you if you are looking to conceal the end of your braid, or you want to incorporate the bow into your outfit.

6. Party Bun + Long Tail Bow

If your hairdo of choice is a bun, but you feel you are getting repetitive and a tad uninteresting in it, consider giving it a bun. A normal-sized long-tail or two-tail bow chosen with your outfit in mind would enhance your look without necessarily grabbing all the attention meant for your bun.

If you are wearing it for a photoshoot, consider placing your bow under the bun, so the accessory is visible from all camera angles.

Choosing the perfect hair bow for your daughter

Bows come in a broad array of colors, patterns, sizes, fabric, and textures. If you are new to the bow world or want to try something new, you may need to visit a store that stocks hair bows and headbands and check their product catalog.

Depending on your taste and the occasion you are prepping up for, various colors and sizes may come in handy for you. The best thing about bows is that they are lightweight, regardless of material, and won’t cause discomfort due to their size. This also makes them easy to carry around, just in case there is a need to switch them somewhere along the day.


Hair bows can be worn as part of everyday gear; for special occasions such as weddings and birthday parties; or just for decoration. Being an extremely overworked accessory, these items may not stand out or add to one’s aesthetic aspect if they are not worn properly. Don’t be afraid to try out different styles and materials. The more options you have in your closet, the easier it is to find one that suits a specific occasion. The above ideas will help you get started with hair bows and achieve that mainstream yet classy look that you have been craving.